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Keith Nigel Diplock

Chemical Engineer

Keith is a qualified Chemical Engineer with 30 years of experience in general management in the metallurgical and chemical engineering sectors, having worked for Le Carbone, GBC Organic Fuels, Centar Limited and Super Laboratory Services. He is currently Managing Director of AurTec and his responsibilities include coordination, planning and directing of the overall operation of the refinery and laboratory activities, in accordance with AurTec Pty Ltd policies, principles and procedures.
He has been involved in production, assaying, mining, water treatment, import and export and bio-fuels. Sales and marketing has also been gained in all the above sectors.
He has gained many years of experience in the industry, which includes knowledge of engineering, project management, PLC, assaying, staff management, commercial applications, petroleum/petrochemical plant building, instrumentation background, analytical testing procedures and ISO 9001/17025 experience and managing the financial aspects of the businesses.
Recent accomplishment include project managing the construction of an assay laboratory in Kabul, Afghanistan and attaining ISO 17025 accreditation for the first certified assay lab in the country. His position here was Managing Director.
Other recent project include building assay laboratories in Takoradi – Ghana, Northern Sudan and and Swaziland.
Main mineral experience includes gold and gold bullion assaying and refining.

Devin Boyd McKay

Metallurgist & Project Director

Mr. McKay is a metallurgist with 31 years experience, having worked for large gold and diamond companies.
Since 2013 and as a part time project he provided finance to set up a precious metal refinery  in Johannesburg, which is fully licensed under South African laws, using family and friends to build and operate.
Prior to this he was Technical Director of Centar for four years setting up a mining, exploration and assay company in Central Asia. During that time he has evaluated hundreds of mining projects worldwide, particularly in Africa. He has worked throughout the mining value chain and lead up innovative projects such as Autogenous milling in western diamond processing. He has guided production and efficiency improvements at a number of mines worldwide, and advised on a number of mine developments from grass roots to profitable operations, as well as mine sales/purchases.
Main minerals experience includes gold, diamonds and base metals.
He has a National Higher Diploma in Extractive Metallurgy and completed Management Development Program at Gibbs University.

Kenneth Bryan Gibbons

Analytical Chemist

Ken Gibbons has a National Higher Diploma in Analytical chemistry and has 30 years of hands on experience in managing assay laboratories with key ones being certified to ISO 17025.
These have been built in South Africa, Ghana, Swaziland and Afghanistan.
He also has a Diploma in Business Management.
Ken has a Government Certificate from the South African government in competency of the mineral fire assay process.
Ken owns five laboratories in South Africa and has run these successfully for 17 years. He employs 35 people in the mineral fire assay industry in South Africa.
Training and development of local staff has been key to these projects.

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